Love, Iris: #PreMed : Life on the Pre-Medical Journey!



#PreMed : Life on the Pre-Medical Journey!

Today's post has nothing to do with fashion! Thought I'd tell you people about my fun journey of doing Pre-Med!
It's tough but anyone can do it if you choose the right professors! Thankfully they have the best thing for all schools called:
Rate My Professor.Com (Here)
You can always check to see who the teacher's are teaching each semester, like if you go to look up your classes ahead of the next semester it's the best way to see whose the really hard teacher's, the teacher's that are amazing that actually will help you succeed or any type of teacher's. Just put their last name and you can see if anyone has posted about them.
You can also put the rating to the teacher's you've taken to :D.
That website will be your best friend during all your college time!!!

The Pre-Req's you got to do to actually get into Medical School or PA school are these fun little classes:
Biology 1 & 2 with the Labs
Chemistry 1 & 2 with the Labs
Physics 1 & 2 with the Labs
Genetics/Human Genetics
Anatomy and Physiology with labs
Statistics, Calculus 1 & 2
And the basics like history, english, art, communications, etc.

Then all your Bachelors degree classes your getting. I was told you have to be unique and not just do the basic "Biology" Degree, well it's great, but if you want to be "unique" Try going for something different with your pre-reqs!

I have done most of those, at least rate my professor has saved me from choosing the wrong teacher's, because some of these classes are very difficult, and if you get a teacher that wont even talk to you it's wayyyy horrible...But I've had great teacher's so far.

I'm already done with all the activities you have to do for your application--well most of them anyways.
I already have done my Leadership (Which I tutored at a group home and tutored autistic kids)
I'm still on doing my Shadowing, trying to get as many doctor's and experiences, so that will probably take up the whole Bachelors degree but it's always fun shadowing.
I've volunteered and did my hours.
I have over 2000+ Patient Care Hour's 
I already do my hobbies.

So I'm set with that!

Anyways, this was just a fun little type of blog post I wanted to do, I really am enjoying and learning so much, that I can't wait till I apply to the schools! I have about 2 year's till I can apply or less than that. It's a long journey but when you finish you will be sooooo proud of yourself for accomplishing such a great goal!!!.

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