Love, Iris: Summer Essentials!



Summer Essentials!

I just love summer! Don't you?! My favorite items has to be a fun light weight chambray top and some gladiator sandals and some fun skirts! I love these sandals they are such a fun look and I get soo many compliment's daily! They are easy to walk in and super comfy. It looks horrible outside in this photo, it was supposed to rain but it didn't. Plus it was soo embarrassing, while I was taking these photo's one of the people that live out over here had to come and say what are you doing. It was very awkward, I try to do photo's where no one is outside or anything! But it's okay I tried to take as many as I can so I did and then ran away with my mom! 

 Chambray Top: Macys (Similar)
Top: Forever 21 (Here)
Skirt: Inspired by Tess (Here)
Shoes: Windsor (Here)
Bag: Macys


  1. This is the perfect go-to outfit! Those sandals are so edgy and cool! Love everything.

    Maybe we could guest post/collab sometime, I love your blog :)


    1. Your so sweet! That would be awesome, I've never done a post/collab before but we could definitely do it!! Just let me know and we could totally figure out how to do super awesome stuff together!

  2. Love the dress pattern. And the shoe is unique! You style it well:)

    if you wish to keep in touch,follow my blogsphere and i'll do the same :)


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