Love, Iris: Summer Outfit!



Summer Outfit!

I was so excited when this skirt came in the mail! I have SO many idea's on what to wear this skirt with, I will have post's soon with this skirt and how I pair it together with other tops or crop tops. This skirt is SO soft, and SO stretchy, you can wear it super high waisted, but I don't want to put it on to high or else it'll look funny with my legs, plus I don't like mini skirt's since I'm tall and I don't need people looking up my skirt ya know?! Haha. But it's good for knee length on me or above the knee. I wore this to class and my teacher's and class mates were like you look so cute, I was like oh crazy, it's weird when your teacher's compliment your outfit sometimes, but it's okay right? Anyways' enough of me rambling on about weird things. Have a great day!

Outfit Details:
Top: Forever 21 (Here)
Skirt: Inspired By Tess (Here)
Shoes: Dexter Sandals by Payless
Bag: Macy's

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