Love, Iris: Peplum Blues



Peplum Blues

Hello there lovely readers today's outfit is blue's and a peplum top, I wish other peplum tops would fit my torso the right way. Sometimes it just sucks having too long of a torso with shirts. I always have a problem buying shirts because they are all for shorter people, so it's like omg! that's why I always have those under lace tee's for my protection, so no one can see anything under my shirt. Plus if I bend down I don't have to worry about my pants showing my butt...Hopefully your having a great day, I got my math test back and I got a B+ so I'm excited, it's weird every time it's the first exam of the semester I always get a B then I get A's the whole way through it's just weird. See ya tomorrow!

 Top: Kohl's
Lace Tee: Downeast basics
Jeans: Macy's
Purse: Macy's


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