Love, Iris: Color Blocking Blue's



Color Blocking Blue's

Today is one of those go to looks. I love these bright blue jeans. These jeans are sooo comfy and soft, I wish you could feel them through the screen, but I saw them at Macy's and had to get them, plus they were only 9 dollars so what the heck I got them! So I'm beginning to do all the other thing's I need to do for my PA application like shadowing Doctor's and PA's which is awesome, I just did some hours last week, and it totally rocked!! Gotta do more, then I need to get more direct contact patient care, I already have direct care, but I need to get hand's on patient care, so for a couple Saturday's I'm doing this Phlebotomy training, so I can get those hands on deals. That class will be 6 Saturdays long. My friend that's a nurse was helping me through all this PA stuff, since she tried to apply to those school's and now I get what I gotta do now. I'm still working on my pre-requisites but I'm almost there plus all those other college courses you gotta do like history English, etc. I only have 3 more English classes which is Way awesome, and 4 more math classes sooo excited. Yes I'm very busy this summer taking 15 hours of courses, and that phlebotomy training lol. At least I can take my work off during the summer, because you can work or take the whole summer off, so I decided to take the whole summer off and take as many classes!!!
Anyways I kinda went on a huge roll on this with you with what I'm doing!
Sorry for not having so many photo's these are the ones that turned out the best, so it's going to be a short picture post!
Outfit Details:
Top: Stein Mart (Similar)
Lace Tee: DownEast Basics (Here)
Jeans: Macy's (Similar)
Sandals: Macy's (Similar)
Purse: Macys (Similar)




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