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All Sorts of Leather

Today is SO cold!!! It's been cold all weekend, in these photo's it probably doesn't look cold but it was before the storm, but today is Way cold. I love this jacket I got from Tilly's!!! It's SO comfy and sooo warm for those cold days, plus it's on sale go check it out at your local Tilly's or the store online, the link is below. You will love it. The shirt I'm wearing is the one I wore in my Coachella outfit, but you'll see another photo with that shirt with out the jacket coming up this week. I think this week is all dedicated to leather leggings, so hope you don't get sick of them. They are soooo comfy, plus the kardashian's make the cutest most comfy clothes, go to your sears and check it out, I have 3 dresses plus these leggings you will love them. They are easy to move in and you can basically do gymnastics if you want to in them. Plus everyone thinks they are leather, I had people ask if they can touch my legs lol Hope you have a lovely day!
PS SUMMER SEMESTER STARTS TODAY!!!! SO excited!!! I'll be super busy but hey that's better than being bored and have nothing to do right?!

Jacket: Tillys (Here)
Top: Forever21 (Here)
Leather Leggings: Kardashian Kollection (Here)
Wedges: Macys (Similar)




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  2. love that jacket and those shoes are amazing! super cute combo!

    1. Thank you thank you so much!!! :D


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