Love, Iris: Lake Havasu, Arizona Trip



Lake Havasu, Arizona Trip

Sorry I haven't posted any outfits, Next week I will have more since I don't have tons of exams next week. This week has been crazy, and plus my mom couldn't take any photo's since she had to work longer than normal at her job. So definatley will post more next week, sorry for the delay cuties!!!

So this is a trip I took a couple months ago, can I just say this is the most amazing place to go if you go to Arizona. The water is soooo warm, it's already hot there anyways, but I went it was 120 degree's so I got super burnt, but oh well, I love going on the lake and jet ski sooo fun right?
I stayed at the London Bridge Resort, which was fabulous, if you go there stay there, they have lots of things to do at the resort. Plus have a fab breakfast lunch and dinner, for sure!!!

Anyways have a fab day, and I will get back to posting outfits of the day soon, Sorry lovelies!

Here's some photo's of Lake Havasu and the London Bridge Resort

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  1. Wow these pictures are so beautiful! I LOVE the first one - I want to be there right now. I hope your exams go well! xo


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