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All Things Pink

Hi there loves, would you ever just want a pink outfit? I was thinking that too, even though half my closet is full of pinks which is my favorite color by the way. I thought this would be such a cute outfit to go to school in, or going for a walk down town or whatever you would possibly think of, you can dress it casual with just a sandal, or go all out and make it fancy with loads of jewelery or whatever.
Only 20 more classes till Spring Semester is all finished, then in a couple weeks Summer Semester starts. I'm super excited for my Summer classes! Taking 15 credits, but I don't have to work in the summer, so I can do this!!! :)
Well hope you enjoy this.

Note: This skirt looks pink in person, the photo's don't do it justice, but it's actually pink.

Pink Cardi: George Collection
Pink Skirt: Downeast Basics (Here)
Pink Tee: Downeast Basics (Here)
Opaque Tights: H&M (Here)
Pink Necklace: Somewhere in Cali, forever ago
Nude Heels: JCP (Similar)

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