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All Different Angles

Happy Friday Everyone!
I totally got this dress from you should check out their clothing, they are wayy pretty, have lots of cute dresses, pants, jeans, shirts, tops you name it for pretty good budget wise. There sales are awesome as well too.
This is a pretty easy outfit, you can wear it like a dress, or put a black cardigan over it if you want, so I just made them into two differen't type of outfit, one for going out nice, and one if you out and about, if you can wear heels all day, I can which is easy, plus all the heels I own are very light weight so it's not hard to walk in them all day.
I prefer heels over flats any day, flats usually make me have blisters for some odd reason but they do.
Anyways have a great friday and weekend everyone!
Dress: Venus ()
Cardigan: George Collection
Tights: H&M
Heels: Macys


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