Love, Iris: Summer+Dresses!




Oh man, I wish it was summer!!!
These were taken last summer, so I felt like posting them, because I wanted to feel like it's summer, instead of all this cold dreadful weather. I hate cold weather by the way! No fun at all!!!
So this is on of my summer dresses I have, I bought the same exact one in blue, I'll post more later on. When its actually spring time.
I'll post photo's with out my glasses soon, got my mom to say lets take photo's soon with all your new clothing!
Plus these other photo's I got with glasses, I didn't get my contacts yet, I had them, but the ones I had would itch soooo badly I couldn't handle putting them in, so all summer I just wore my glasses.
Anyway who wants me to complain about itchy contacts right? So Never mind!
Hope you enjoy these cute summer photo's!
Yes, I went and splurged on these dresses, they were pretty expensive but they were soooo cute, gotta go get them when I saw them!!!
Dress: Peter Nygard(Similar)
Shoes: American Rag (Similar)


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