Love, Iris: My Hair With Curls!



My Hair With Curls!

So, I usually have super straight hair, it's past my shoulders, but sometimes straight hair is just annoying and just gets boring after a while.
Anyways I got a reverse wand from Sally's Beauty, I was sooooo excited, and this is how my hair came out!
This is the one I bought at sallys reverse curling wand.
How I do it:
1: I section it into 3 parts, because I have so much hair, but section it off how you want.
2: I take about 1" to 1.5" of hair, depending on how curling I want it. If you do more hair, you will get cute waves like in the first picture.
3: I make the curls go away from my head
4: Repeat all over, then your finished, I don't put hair spray in my hair since it holds for 2 or more days, so you can put whatever styling products you want!

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  1. love the curls! maybe I should try something like that!


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